Mick Fiz


Mick Fiz Tattoo Artist     Born in St-Annes-On-Sea, Lancashire in

1938.  Worked in Huncoat Colliery Accrington as a coal cutter for 10

years aged 16-26.  Tattooed from home in Great Harwood near Blackburn

1962-1964.  Opened a tattoo booth with his father-in-law Wally Taylor

( now deceased) on the Winter Gardens fun fair in Morcambe for 2

seasons.   Opened a shop in Preston, on Church st, opposite the prison

for 2 years, was informed there was no-one tattooing in Belfast, went

over and set up in a shop at the rear of a second-hand record dealer

on the Shankhill Rd, within months a shop came up to let off the

Crumlin Rd, Belfast, his family went over and joined him living over

the shop 1968-1974. Left Belfast and opened shop in Corporation St,

Preston opp. railway station 1974-1984.  Worked Blackpool in the

summer season, and Preston and Darlington in the winter.  Retired from

tattooing in 1984 and went to live in the Yorkshire Dales as a painter

and bookdealer.  Opened a tattoo studio in their bookshop in

Northallerton  North Yorkshire in 1999 , he tattooed there for 6 years

until retiring (finally) aged 73. He now enjoys walking slowly with his

wife Sheila, gardening, and fishing