Phil  Ellis

Fleetwood - england

14a poulton st





i started tattooing friends by hand at age 12, names, swallows etc. made a tattoo machine from a doorbell at 13 yrs. aquired 1st pro tattoo from saz in caddishead age 14, and was totally obsessed from then on. age 16 bought a zeiss m/c set from phil stott from oldham, 2 perspex sided tattoo m/cs, homemade power supply, 21 bill jones sheets of flash, and zeiss 20 lesson tattoo course. i was off!! tattooing the local sailors at home, their homes, or anywhere i could go with my bag of tricks. carried on tattooing and getting tattoos from the likes of COCKNEY PAUL, GENTLE JOHN, MICK FIZ.( HE WAS MY HERO!) PETE COLWELL,and many more. opened my 1st tattoo shop, the first tattoo studio fleetwood had ever seen. age 18, and have been tattooing ever since, tattooing in spain, and many tattoo conventions over the years. now aged 52 and still tattooing at my studio in fleetwood lancs. i dont suffer fools, and treat customers accordingly. i am a traditional tattooist, work alone, and dont take 3 hrs on something that should take 20 mins!!!
heres a blast from the past, some of the great peole i have known as friends in tattooing, JOE GRAHAM, JIM MAGER, TEDDY BOSWELL, GEOFF WESLEY, PETE TRACEY,DAVE HEAP, DAVE HODGSON, ARTHUR BISHOP, OSSIE JOBSON, JOHN QUINLAN, BILL FROM CHORLEY, JIM PLASKETT, all these people are or were my friends in tattooing, some are still with us, some aint.(R.I.P.) i still tattoo 5 full days a week, despite being surrounded by scratchers, and although i still enjoy my chosen profession, i do struggle with the way it has changed, the magic seems to have dissappeared from the job, and has been replaced by main stream, highstreet-ism. still those of you reading this who can remember cutting acetate stencils, tying needles onto bike spokes, drawing sheet after sheet of flash and using cidex, have been there in the glory days, and know what im talking about!! once again id like to mention MICK FIZ for being an inspiration (grumpy bastard) if it hadnt been for mick, tattooing would have been easy, he was the man!! also, COCKNEY PAUL CARPENTER who left us quite a few years ago, age 48. a truly generous man, great mentor,and complete nutter. RESPECT  R.I.P.